• Image of What Would Jesus Undo Book

We've all heard the question ''what would Jesus do,'' but have you ever wondered what he would undo? The New Testament is filled with Jesus undoing anything that causes separation between God and the people he loves. What would Jesus undo in today's culture? The answer is a lot.
Throughout the New Testament, Jesus undoes barriers of impotent religion (or religion that can't produce life in us), so that he can have a more intimate relationship with his people. Some of those barriers are still in existence today and they are keeping people away from God instead of drawing them closer to him.

If Jesus were to actually walk into your church, your home, or your life, are there things he would undo? Sooner or later that's the question we all must wrestle with. If Jesus is undoing something in our life, we can be sure that it's for our good and for God's glory. Let the undoing begin.